Goodbye...Siti & Fairuz

After being with THE COMPANY for 2.5 years (betul tak kak?) finally both of them decided to try new life new atmosphere at Kuala Lumpur (orang KL dok keje kat Johor, orang Johor nie plak sebok2 nak pi

dok KL hehe)

This event was took place at The Latio Pusat Bandar Pasir Gudang. The main agenda was to having farewell for our 2 good collegues as they were moving to KL for new job.

Siti and Fairuz. Married to each other and now having Siti&Fai Jr aka Akim yang gebam hehe

Both of them were naval achitects in our design team. Now they jobs are taking over by Mr. Faiz.

Besides than having farewell dinner, we were also celebrating Ummar’s 26th birthday (haha tue dah mamat nie seiring dengan rambut die ahakz~)

So enjoy the pixel!

Siti and Fairuz

The hull family

Akim yang gebam

Doa recitation

Birthday boy punye kek

The guys

Evi tengah prektis tuh

Serious btul makan hehe

Hmm tayang perut dari jauh

Acara potong kek

Need to say more??

update..FPSO Ruby Inclining Test

This blog has been abandoned for so long

The main moderator for this blog has leave THE COMPANY few months back

There are many stories to tell but too little time for writing and posting it to this blog

I’ll try my best to update this blog since is a medium for HUllCon’ian’ to interact with each other especially for those who already leave us yang still with THE COMPANY

(besides than Facebooklah kan hehe)

Thus, patient to all…stories will slowly update ok?

FPSO Ruby II Inclining Test

The main purpose for Inclining Test is to get the weight, LCG, TCG and VCG of the ship before she sailed away. It is also required in the following cases:-

~ Any new ship, after its completion,

~ Any ship, if deemed necessary by the Society, where any alterations are made so as to materially affect the stability. (Source from Veristar)

Our Inclining Test started on July 13, 2009 (gile lame baru nak update hihu) at 1800. We started late in the evening to avoid disturbance for all contractors to do their job during working hour.

Design team together with PMTs, Maritime and subcontractors were overnight on the ship until 0730. For this Inclining Test we were using water ballast hence it takes hours to complete depending the pump capacity and speed. After ballasting, we need to do sounding in order to check the water level. These tasks was challenging, not to mentioned tiring since you need to carefully ballast the correct amount of water.


LCG – Longitudinal Center Gravity

- Distance from Aft Perpendicular (AP) of ship to frame

VCG – Vertical Center Gravity

- Distance from Baseline (BL) of ship to deck level

TCG – Traverse Center Gravity

- Distance from Centerline (CL) of ship to Starboard side (SB) or Portside (P)

PMT – Project Management Team or Operation Team

Enjoy the pixel!

draft reading sebelum start inclining

uma…our focal person plus runner paling berjaya during inclining

mari makan dulu sebelum mule keje

makan lagi wei

masukkan sounding tape elok2 rosak nie beribu2 wei

again..bace sounding tape

orang penting inclining test…calculation depand dekat doran..fairuz and siti

Mule2 kite sapu water paste elok2 lepas tu campak balik dan akhirnya ikan besar!!!!

Ballasting dalam proses

Mari ramai2 bace sounding tape

Tunggu ballast water setel

Sounding reading

Someone sukerela turun dalam tank…ngeri

Take a break

Midship condition during midnight below module…panas wei kat sini

Sounding Instrument

Pendulum Reading at Fwd

Pendulum Reading at Aft

FPSO Ruby II Inclining Test Team

OuR bLoG

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